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The only place on the planet where you can walk with polar bears, and have dinner with them too! Our three remote polar bear lodges are located directly on the Hudson Bay coast, and are luxurious by any arctic standard. And of course, the food, the company and the customer service is exceptional at our family run lodges. (See what some of our guests had to say.) Far from the madding crowds of Churchill, yet only a short plane ride away, you’ll feel like you’re in another world.

This. Is the ultimate way to experience, and photograph polar bears. On the ground. Up close and personal.

Please take a look at our many Arctic Safaris below. If you have any further questions e-mail or CALL (204) 878-5090. TOLL FREE 1-866-UGO-WILD (846-9453).

I’m so glad I opted for Churchill Wild rather than the typical polar buggy tour.¬†Seeing a polar bear on foot was unforgettable! ~ Debra Hartsell & Michael James