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Arctic Discovery

NanukPolarBearApproach540The Arctic Discovery will profoundly re-establish your place in nature by immersing you through time in one of the planet’s untamed wilderness areas:  the Canadian Arctic.  You will be exposed to the history of the area, encounters with the beautiful beluga whales and polar bears, and your journey will conclude with five days deep in the heart of the coastal home and denning area of the majestic polar bear.

Your immersive experience begins in Churchill, the gateway to the historical fur trade. The relative isolation of this fascinating arctic port has preserved the link between the timeless practices of the indigenous influences of the north with the modernizations of the 21st century.  It is from Churchill that you will first encounter one of the many uniquely adapted mammals of the arctic ecosystem, the beluga. You will feel a kinship with this intelligent species as family pods curiously regard you floating among them in your kayak.  Their incessant songs and chatter which permeate the water around you will remind you that we are not alone in our ability to engage in sophisticated communication.

You will be then be transported to the remoteness of our Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge, deep in the wilds of the Hudson Bay coast where you will be humbled by face to face encounters with the undisputed lords of this area:  the mighty polar bear.  This area hosts significant polar bear denning activity and mothers and cubs frequently call this coastline home as they patiently await the return of the winter feasting.