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Schmok Lake

The beautiful fall colors at Schmok Lake by the Nunavut border

Your travels will take you over 20,000 square kilometers of the wildest regions in the Arctic, home to wolves, caribou, moose, three species of bears (polar, black & grizzly), Arctic & colored fox, wolverine, beaver, pine marten and countless bird life all set on a kaleidoscope of spectacular fall colors.

If that’s not enough try finding some energy to stay up for the finest light show on earth — we live in the best Aurora Borealis viewing zone in the Arctic.

Best of all there are no frozen fingers or seized camera gear to deal with, which is typical if you’re visiting during the traditional winter months. Listening to the spine tingling thrill of a howling wolf pack, while being mesmerized by the dancing Aurora Borealis, is life changing.

This wildlife adventure will touch you like no other experience can. Of course it can’t hurt that you have just finished a delicious meal at our luxury Seal River Heritage Lodge and you’re lounging outside by a camp fire sipping a glass of wine and watching the Northern Lights!

From our rugged cozy caribou camp on Schmok Lake to the Arctic luxury of Seal River Heritage Lodge we will pamper you with the finest service, guides, accommodations, and cuisine found north of the Canadian tree line — truly the adventure vacation of a lifetime.