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Birds, Bears and Belugas

Don’t be tempted by those cheaper buggy tours in Churchill – this is more expensive, but worth every penny. This trip isn’t just about seeing the animals, it’s about learning about them in depth and sharing their world for a few memorable days.”
Trip Advisor “calynn621″ – Belleair, Florida

The Birds, Bears, and Belugas safari in July and August combines the thrill of swimming with beluga whales with a Churchill Wild signature “on the ground” safari of summer polar bear viewing. With a backdrop of tundra alive with flora and fauna, this is our most diverse and unique program.

Aside from the belugas and bears, you’ll have the opportunity to see a whole host of other wildlife on this trip – you may see caribou, fox (red and Arctic), wolves, moose and birds galore (such species as ptarmigan, Smith’s Longspur, Ross’ and Bonaparte gulls, jaegers, et cetera). In fact, it isn’t unusual for birders to see 100 species over the course of their adventure. Also keep your ears open for the sounds of other sub-arctic wildlife, including wolves howling in the distance.

The following pages will take you through the adventure’s key features. Please look on the left side panel for our rates, dates, itineraries and more details about this adventure safari!

Welcome to Birds, Bears and Belugas

Birds, Bears & Belugas is part of the Canadian Tourism Commission's Canadian Signature Experience Collection

Birds, Bears & Belugas is part of the Canadian Tourism Commission’s Canadian Signature Experience Collection

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“As for top adventure experiences in the world, Churchill Wild ranks up there as one of the top places you should visit in your lifetime, particularly if you love nature and being out in the wild.”

~ Renee Blodgett – WeBlogTheWorld