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Great Ice Bear Feature #1:

Our wilderness Lodge will be your home for Great Ice Bear.  Strategically located amidst the natural habitat of many Arctic creatures – polar bears, caribou, Arctic and red fox, Arctic hare, wolves and moose along with numerous bird species such as snowy owls, ptarmigan and gyrfalcons are frequently observed from the Lodge, or while out on a walk.

Great Ice Bear Feature #2:

The time spent at the Lodge involves mostly terrestrial travel in order to reduce our impact on climate change as much as is possible.  Out of respect for both the wildlife and the sensitive ecosystem they depend on, the use of motorized vehicles is kept to a strict minimum.  With Churchill Wild, the boots were definitely made for walking!

Great Ice Bear Feature #3:

The town of Churchill has a population of 900 however during bear season, the population skyrockets to approximately 2,500. Our wilderness lodge, located 30 km from town, will help you escape those crowds while providing the most unique and interactive polar bear experience anywhere.

(What are those lumps hanging from the helicopter you ask?  That is actually Natural Resources Canada flying a polar bear mother and her two cubs out of town…and right over our Lodge!)

Great Ice Bear Feature #4:

Our day in Churchill on a buggy is chartered so we have far fewer guests per buggy and more viewing opportunities than would be possible any other way.  You will have one of the most beautiful animals in the world just outside your window and plenty of space to watch and photograph.