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Hudson Bay Odyssey – Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge

Your Hudson Bay Odyssey (formerly known as Mothers & Cubs) takes place at our remote Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge and provides you with exclusive access to one of the most pristine wilderness areas in the world. It is also strategically located in very close proximity to significant polar bear denning activity. Watch the video below to discover where you’ll be meeting with polar bears!

“I have been traveling non-stop for three years around the world… my stay at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge was the best trip of my life.” -  Lili G. Berlin, Germany, Trip Advisor Review 2013

The fast-paced strain of the 21st century will fade behind you during your flight from Winnipeg to the northern town of Churchill, where you will leave the last vestiges of modern civilization. There, you will transfer to a private chartered aircraft for a 60 minute flight over the northern Taiga Forest, following the mighty Nelson River to the tidal flats of Hudson Bay, where Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge is located.

Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge features a new dining and lounge area designed to provide a relaxing space from which to share the excitement of the day’s wildlife encounters with your fellow travelers. And what better vantage point to ponder the pristine beauty of the Canadian Arctic and the majestic polar bear inhabitants than through the large picture windows in our warm and cozy lounge overlooking the magnificent Hudson Bay. Of course, sipping one of our hand-selected vintage Canadian wines while savoring the delicious aromas preceding dinner helps to further augment the memories you are making!

On your daily excursions you will explore the Cape Tatnam Wildlife Management Area surrounding the Lodge. This is where the boreal forest ends and the Subarctic begins. This unique convergence of eco-systems, nourished by the Hudson Bay coastal waters, is home to an impressive variety of flora and fauna. It is here that you can find wolves, black bears and polar bears, co-existing as they have for thousands of years.

The Hudson Bay Odyssey boasts an impressive variety of wildlife in close proximity to the polar bear denning activity recently discovered by Canadian Conservation officials. This newly found denning activity may surpass that of the traditionally known denning area found in neighboring Wapusk National Park. It is from Nanuk that we can provide you with the best possibilities on the planet with regards to encountering polar bear mothers and their adorable cubs. From a comfortable Lodge base which we can unequivocally say provides the best Arctic luxury around!

Witnessing the maternal instincts of polar bears is a life-defining experience, and while this access cannot be guaranteed, there is no better place on earth to increase your chances of observing this behavior than at Nanuk, where we had a 100% success rate last year encountering cubs for each group of adventurers hosted.

The following pages will take you through the adventure’s key features. Please look on the left side panel for our rates, dates, itineraries and more details about this adventure safari!