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Hudson Bay Odyssey – Features


Your Hudson Bay Odyssey is hosted at our most isolated Lodge and is sure to be the trip of a lifetime.  Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge was recently acquired by Churchill Wild, primarily due to its unrivaled access to the adjacent polar bear denning areas and the Hudson Bay coastline habitat of the polar bears. There is an overwhelming abundance of other wildlife in the area to photograph and enjoy as well, including migratory birds and four-legged friends such as wolves, black bears and moose. The backdrop of the boreal forest also provides unique photo opportunities, particularly during fall excursions when the local vegetation begins its seasonal dormancy with a brilliant display of color.

Nanuk is also host to a remarkable diversity of bird species. The Lodge is uniquely located on the migration fly-way and a bird count was recently conducted in the area by the Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas. They counted over 130 species. The Hudson Bay Odyssey coincides with the commencement of the fall migration of Arctic nesters, and the massive flocks filling the air can be awe inspiring as they begin their earnest quest towards their winter homes.

The Hudson Bay Odyssey s involves daily treks through pristine terrain where you will be provided with once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities, so keep your camera ready to go! We have recently increased the range of terrain and unspoiled wilderness that we can provide access to, by building a low-impact multi-passenger all-terrain vehicle. Additionally, it is not uncommon to have the wildlife in the area pay a visit to the Lodge to explore our fenced compound. The wildlife is not overly shy, due to their lack of previous exposure to the threat that man can represent.

You will be forever changed by the Hudson Bay Odyssey  experience in this pristine and isolated area, and awed by the ease in which bears, wolves and other species flourish in an unforgiving circle of life. We invite you to join us on what is sure to be an adventure to remember!