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Polar bear photos, arctic wildlife, landscapes and people highlight 2009 Churchill Wild Photo Contest

Churchill polar bears high-five each other at sunset on Seal River

Churchill polar bears high-five each other at sunset on Seal River - Winner! Best Polar Bear Category - Photo Credit: Wendy Kaveney

There were some spectacular photos taken by Churchill Wild guests during the 2008 season! Many of the guests proved to be fabulous photographers, as evidenced by their submissions to the 2009 Churchill Wild Photo Contest.

There were four categories in our first annual contest: Best Polar Bears, Best Wildlife, Best Landscape  and Best People.

Wendy Kaveny was the winner in the Best Polar Bears category for her excellent photo of two happy polar bears high-fiving each other at sunset.  Joy Roberts won in the Best Other Wildlife category for her incredible photo of a Snowy Owl.

Best Landscape honors went to Judi Pennock for her gorgeous sunset over the Hudson Bay rocks at low tide and Best People photo honors went to Gary Potts for his picture of 11 photographers trekking out on to the tundra in the snow to photograph the mighty polar bears and more.

Churchill Polar Bears Wrestling - Photo Credit: Gary Potts

Polar bears wrestling - Photo Credit: Gary Potts

Churchill Wild offers the only arctic adventure vacations in Canada that allow you to actually walk with the polar bears and get up close and personal. And that makes for some great photographs!

A big thank you to all of our wonderful guests who participated in the 2009 photo contest! We’ll be running  another photo contest this year and would love to have more of your awesome photos!

To view all the entries and winners in the 2009 Churchill Wild Photo Contest please visit our Wild Things Gallery page at the Churchill Wild Web site:

Polar Bear tries to make off with D6 Cat at Seal River Lodge on Hudson Bay

Polar Bear decides to be cat driver on Hudson Bay

Polar Bear decides to be cat driver on Hudson Bay

In late March and early April we spend two weeks working between Churchill, Dymond Lake Lodge and Seal River Lodge. A typical day during these two weeks generally begins at 5 a.m. and goes until about 10:30 p.m.

What are we doing in below zero temperatures? On the frozen Hudson Bay? With the occasional white out thrown at us just for fun?

We are the Cat Train crew.

Those of you who have spent time with us at Seal River Lodge have probably seen the photos of the D6 Caterpillar hauling freight over the sea ice during the winter for various projects that are planned in advance for the summer. We also spend what seems like endless days cutting and hauling fire wood to both Seal River Lodge and Dymond Lake Lodge.

D6 Cat towing 40,000 pounds on Hudson Bay

D6 Cat towing 40,000 pounds on Hudson Bay

We would like to introduce you to the newest member of our crew. He was a little eager and showed up about eight months early, but seems to be ready to go. This nice white bear decided he would try and take our Cat out for a spin, and a couple of our guests were lucky enough to snap a few shots before he noticed them.

For those of you who have not joined us at the Lodge I have also included a couple shots of the real cat train departing Churchill, Manitoba on its two-day trip, hauling almost 40,000 pounds en route to Seal River Lodge.

Cat train arrives at Seal River Lodge

Cat train arrives at Seal River Lodge