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Wild Meatball Taste Teasers – Jeanne’s Arctic Appetizers Week #2

Jeanne's Arctic Appetizers - Churchill Wild

Churchill Wild Delicious!

Wild Meatball Taste Teasers

Helen’s daughter, Shari, is a natural cook (which she comes by naturally), who naturally loves to experiment. This is her invention and it is delectable -  naturally!


  • 2 lbs. ground caribou (moose, deer or elk) 1 kg
  • 3 tbsp. soy sauce 45 mL
  • 1 tbsp. brown sugar 15 mL
  • 10 oz. can water chestnuts, finely chopped 284 mL
  • 1/2 cup finely chopped onion 125 ml
  • 1 tsp. dried parsley flakes or 1 tbsp. (15 mL) chopped fresh parsley 5 ml
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced or 1/2 tsp. (2 ml) garlic powder 2 ml

Preparation Instructions

1.  Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl.

2 . Shape into bite-sized balls (approximately 4 dozen).

3.  Place meatballs on a greased baking sheet with sides and bake in a 375°F (190°C) oven for 15 minutes.

Makes about 4 dozen meatballs.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Serve hot with fruit sauce or sauce of your choice. Center fruit sauce on a glass plate and surround with meatballs. Provide picks. Now enjoy!

Note: If you make these ahead, just reheat them in the oven at 400°F (200°C) for 5 minutes.


Jeanne Reimer

Jeanne Reimer

This is the second in our series of Arctic Appetizers. We’ll post one a week so make sure to check back regularly. Why? Because we serve these at our lodges and they are really, really good!

Please let us know if you try them. We would love to know what you think.


Jeanne Reimer

Snow Goose Recipe – Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Snow Goose

Cranberries & Canada Geese Cookbook

Cranberries & Canada Geese Cookbook

Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Snow Goose

We server this appetizer at all our lodges, and any dinners we cater. You can make these a day ahead. Keep them covered and in the refrigerator until ready to cook.  This recipe should make 12 wraps.


  • 6 strips bacon
  • 6 tsp. cream cheese
  • 1 average sized snow goose breast
  • pickled sliced jalapeno peppers


  1. Cut the bacon strips in half, so you have 12 pieces of bacon.
  2. Clean the goose breast of any silver skin or fat.
  3. Slice the breast across the grain into strips about ¼ inch by 1 ½ inches. You should have about 12 pieces.
  4. Lay four of the bacon strips down on a cutting board. Place one slice of goose across each strip of bacon.
  5. On top of the goose place one heaping teaspoon of cream cheese. On top of the cream cheese place one (or two, if you like it a bit hotter) pickled jalapeno slices.
  6. Roll the bacon around the goose, cream cheese and jalapeno. Skewer with a tooth pick to hold together.
  7. Repeat with remaining 8 slices of bacon and goose breast.
  8. Heat barbeque grill on high. When grill is hot, place wraps on grill.
  9. Cook about 5 minutes on each side and until the bacon is done the way you like it, but do not cook too long as the goose will become tough.
  10. Remove from grill and serve.

Note: When the bacon begins to cook it will drip grease and can cause flair ups on the grill.  Be careful to watch.

Variations: We have also brushed these with apricot jam, marmalade jam, and even Dijon mustard while cooking. These can be made with any type of water fowl – snow goose, duck, pheasant etc. You can also use any type of tender red meat.

Cooking Tip:Soak the toothpicks in water for a few hours before preparing these. This helps prevent them from burning on the grill.

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