Our People

Churchill Wild founders and owners Mike and Jeanne Reimer.
Churchill Wild founders and owners Mike and Jeanne Reimer.

MIKE REIMER – Founder/Owner, The Ultimate Outdoorsman

Mike’s role in Churchill Wild is twofold; he oversees the future direction of Churchill Wild and is the Ultimate Outdoorsman. His love for all things created led him north after high school to realize his dream of becoming a wilderness guide and outfitter. And realize it he did! Mike is an invaluable asset in the bush. He has paddled, hiked, boated, flown over, dog sledded, snowmobiled, and explored over 100,000 square miles of the subarctic land he loves. Mike is a jack-of-all-trades and master of all. The leadership and management that Mike and Jeanne have provided at the lodges has undoubtedly created the repeat business Churchill Wild is famous for.

JEANNE REIMER – Founder/Owner, 3rd generation Churchillian

Jeanne is the consummate hostess for Churchill Wild, and also happens to be an incredible chef with an extensive pedigree in the luxury lodge business. Jeanne’s parents founded Webber’s Lodges, and her skills in creating the ultimate home away from home for guests were acquired from early childhood. Her commitment to guest comfort has been unwavering ever since.

Jeanne’s cooking skills are legendary, and an invitation to her table is never turned down. The Arctic culinary sensations that guests experience inside our lodges are as memorable for our guests as their first encounters with the polar bears outside our lodges.

The blend of her husband Mike’s dreams and ambitions combined with Jeanne’s attention to detail has resulted in the ultimate wilderness experience, and Churchill Wild’s four remote ecolodges have become THE destination for wildlife enthusiasts around the world who are eager to hike the tundra and see polar bears and beluga whales in their natural environment, all while being wined and dined in elegantly Arctic fashion.

Nolan and Doreen Booth
Nolan and Doreen Booth

DOREEN BOOTH – Manager of Sales & Guest Relations

Born and raised in Kitimat, British Columbia, a small town nestled among that province’s legendary coastal mountains, Doreen lived near the ocean and enjoyed sharing the land with the many species of wildlife in the area. Living in a heavily wooded area, she became accustomed to having to watch out for cougars and bears at every twist of the trail, so it’s no surprise that she connected so well with Churchill Wild!

Doreen met Nolan (now our Director of Lodge Operations) while living and working in the Yukon and the couple returned to Manitoba to raise their family 15 years ago. Organized and enthusiastic, Doreen will provide you with all of the details you require for your adventure with us, and she can also give you her own firsthand accounts of Churchill Wild safaris.

NOLAN BOOTH – Director of Lodge Operations

Born and raised in Churchill, Manitoba, Nolan has spent his entire life loving the outdoors, from observing beluga whales to fishing the rivers of the Yukon to spending time with bears of all species. One of Nolan’s first jobs involved running boat tours in the Churchill area, following beluga whales and listening to them as they sang. He also took up scuba diving and spent a couple of summers under the water with these beautiful “Canaries of the Sea.”

Nolan moved to the Yukon in his teens, worked in the construction/heavy equipment industry, and spent every non-working minute camping and fishing anywhere there were fish to be caught and bears to be seen. Family, friends and polar bears pulled Nolan and his own family back to Manitoba, where he immersed himself in the world of our northern lodges six years ago. He now manages two of the four Churchill Wild properties and in the off season works to build and streamline what is already in place.

ANDY MACPHERSON – Guide Extraordinaire

Andy MacPherson
Andy MacPherson

Andy MacPherson joined our team in 2007.  Living his dream of working in the outdoors has enabled Andy to guide trips as diverse as kayaking with manatees in Belize, stalking musk ox with a camera on the tundra in the Northwest Territories and rafting the Zambezi River. Trained as a professional environmental technician, Andy has worked alongside researchers on boats off the pacific west coast counting fish, slept in Grizzly bear dens and sat on volcanoes to collect Surf Scoter telemetry soundings. Andy excels at making science both simple and spellbinding.

Seeking new experiences, Andy lives to share his adventures and passion for the out of doors ~ whether watching a wolf den, catching crocodiles in mangroves, snorkeling with nurse sharks or stalking polar bears. A career working as a naturalist adventure guide has given Andy the opportunity to meet and share his passion for wildlife and wild places with  many amazing people along the way.

TERRY ELLIOTT – Guide Extraordinaire

Terry Elliot
Terry Elliot

Terry Elliott started his guiding career on Vancouver Island in the early 1990’s. When the opportunity came up to work out on “The Barrenlands” of the Canadian Arctic, he jumped at the chance. This turned into a decade long passion where he established his reputation as one of the finest wildlife guides in the industry.

After six years in the jungles of Central America and two years as a grizzly bear guide on the coast of British Columbia, he can’t wait to be back out on the land in this amazing environment.Terry is an accomplished woodworker and photographer. He lives with his wife Kirsten in the log home they built with their two dogs on Vancouver Island.

DENNIS FAST – Resident Photographer

Dennis Fast
Dennis Fast

For more than 20 years, Dennis has played a significant role in Churchill Wild’s mission to share the magnificence of the Canadian Arctic. His remarkable images have drawn guests to our lodges and been seen around the world. The Canadian best seller “Wapusk: White Bear of the North” was his first photo book and he has since published nine more books for which he was the principal photographer.  Dennis’s work captivates viewers with wildlife images that vividly capture nature’s splendor in dramatic fashion.  His most recent publication is entitled “Touch the Arctic.”

Dennis’s enthusiasm for wildlife, photography, and teaching is evident to all who meet him and he has helped many guests capture those special Arctic moments that make the Churchill Wild experience so unique.

For more information on Dennis please visit: DennisFast.com

ROBERT POSTMA – Professional Photo Leader

Robert Postma
Robert Postma

Robert’s love affair with photography began at a very early age; well, when he was 25 years old which seems a long time ago. He has honed his skills in places such as Iceland, Bolivia and all over North America and considers Churchill to be near the top if his list. His photos have been published in numerous calendars, books and magazines. A winner of many photo contests, he still considers one of his greatest accomplishments the spelling bee he won in grade 3. Examples of his work can be seen on www.DistantHorizons.ca and at Robert Postma Photography on Facebook. He hopes you enjoy Churchill Wild as much as he does.

CHARLES GLATZER – Professional Photo Leader

Charles "Chas" Glatzer
Charles “Chas” Glatzer

Chas is a Canon Explorer of Light, a prestigious group comprised of the most influential photographers and cinematographers in the world, each a master of their creative specialty. Chas’ work has been celebrated internationally with over 40 prestigious awards for superior photographic competence demonstrated through photographic competition, advanced education, and service to the profession. His images are recognized internationally for their lighting, composition, and attention to detail and have appeared in many publications worldwide including National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography, National Parks, Discover Diving, Smithsonian, Professional Photographer, Birder’s World,  Birding, Nature Photographer, EOS, Digital PhotoPro, and many more.

As an accomplished natural history and keynote speaker, Chas has presented at many prestigious events including Explorer’s Club NYC, Audubon, Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy, Fuji Professional, Mid-Atlantic Photo Expo, NANPA, ASMP, CNPA, GNPA, and PPA.

When not behind the camera or computer, Chas can be found on the river fly fishing near his home in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina. Contact: Shoot the Light  info@shootthelight.com

JAD DAVENPORT – Professional Photo Leader

Jad Davenport
Jad Davenport

An award-winning author, photographer and filmmaker represented by National Geographic Creative, Jad Davenport specializes in wilderness areas, wildlife (including underwater) and remote cultures. A pioneer in digital photography, Jad shot the first digital cover and inside story for National Geographic Adventure magazine in 2004. Jad’s stories, photos, video shorts and blog posts have appeared in leading publications that include Smithsonian, Popular Photography, Sierra, Audubon, Outside, Men’s Journal, Sunset, ISLANDS, Coastal Living and The New York Times among others.

A former documentary photographer and filmmaker, Jad covered a dozen wars from Bosnia to Iraq. He is a member of The Explorers Club, and has worked in over 150 countries and on all continents. A multiple winner of the prestigious Lowell Thomas Award and Canada’s Northern Lights Award for travel writing and photography, Jad has photographed extensively in polar regions, with assignments that have included Greenland, Svalbard, Nunavut, Alaska, Siberia, the Russian Far East, Antarctica, the Falklands and South Georgia.

For more information about Jad please visit: www.JadDavenport.com

ANDY SKILLEN – Professional Photo Leader

Andy Skillen

Andy Skillen is a multi-award-winning wildlife photographer who has documented the natural world for over 20 years. Published on a global basis, he continues to work for the world’s leading photographic organizations. In addition to this, Andy’s limited edition, fine art collections are sold worldwide directly and through agents, and have been exhibited in galleries such as the Mall in London, UK. He also undertakes private commissions for collectors worldwide. In addition to the artistic side, Andy is a photographic judge for National Geographic in the UK, runs workshops for the latter and independently at home and overseas, and is a regular on the after-dinner speaking circuit.

Andy has always enjoyed leading groups of keen photographers, and has many years’ experience of shooting right across the Arctic, and in particular at the Churchill Wild lodges.

For more information about Andy please visit: www.FaunaVista.com

GEORGE TURNER – Professional Photo Leader

George Turner

The beginning of George’s obsession with the natural world is anchored in his rural upbringing, once filled with hedgehogs, badgers, and otters. This burning fire has since taken him to some of the Earth’s most stunning wildernesses, camera in tow, photographing incredible wildlife. George’s images have been published in a broad spectrum of publications, and he has received a wide number of awards and industry recognition.

George always relishes the chance to lead fellow photographers in the field, assisting them in creating ‘the’ shot. His patient, relaxed approach to photography ensures participants feel at ease, fully soaking up the amazing moments surrounding them.

George lives and breathes wildlife photography. His meticulous approach to capturing moments in time involves extensive research on destinations and species, and planning for his most desired shots. He’s energetic, innovative, and imaginative and will be on-site to provide photographic instruction both in the field, and back at the lodge during small group post-processing sessions and classroom style training.

For more information about George please visit: www.georgetheexplorer.com


Greetings from the Churchill Wild office staff!