Birds, Bears and Belugas

The Ultimate Arctic Summer Safari.

“This was a trip of a lifetime. The polar bears were incredible, belugas awesome and great guides.” — Paula Curtin, Big Timber, Montana, USA

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Birds, Bears and Belugas takes place at Seal River Heritage Lodge, and combines the thrill of beluga whale watching in July and August with the adventure of Churchill Wild’s signature “on the ground” polar bear walking safaris.

We actually walk with polar bears during the summer, and you will too! Seal River Heritage Lodge is situated in the vast coastal “polar bear waiting room” on the Hudson Bay coast, and the bears provide fantastic viewing opportunities for us as they wile away the summer waiting for the sea ice to return.

Guests photographing polar bears at Seal River Lodge.
Guests photographing polar bears at Seal River Lodge.

Aside from the polar bears and beluga whales, you’ll have the opportunity to see other Arctic wildlife on this trip, as well as birds galore such as ptarmigan, Smith’s Longspur, Ross’ and Bonaparte gulls, jaegers etc. In fact, it isn’t unusual for birders to see 100 species over the course of their adventure.

Beluga whales in the Hudson Bay. Paul Perrett photo.

This is a soft adventure highly conducive to family participation and at a convenient time, as children are out of school for the summer. This means that you and your family can experience polar bears in their natural habitat, together!

Polar bear in fireweed near Seal River Lodge. Dennis Fast photo.
Polar bear in fireweed near Seal River Heritage Lodge. Dennis Fast photo.


Birds, Bears & Belugas is part of the Canadian Tourism Commission’s Canadian Signature Experience Collection.
Birds, Bears & Belugas is part of the Canadian Tourism Commission’s Canadian Signature Experience Collection.

Birds, Bears and Belugas - Dates and Rates

2020 DATES

July 11 – 18               
July 16 – 23               SOLD OUT 
July 21 – 28                
July 26 – August 2
July 31 – August 7    SOLD OUT
August 5 – 12           SOLD OUT 
August 10 – 17         SOLD OUT

Price (per person) Single Private Room Children
2020: $12,295 CAD 2020: $22,795* CAD 2020: $11,095 CAD

Prices are subject to taxes of 8.5%. Children from ages 8 to 12 qualify for the child rate.

* Single guests can sign up to share a room with another person of the same gender at the regular rate per person based on double occupancy. If a single guest prefers to have a private room option we also have a single private room rate as listed above. This rate guarantees a private room at the lodge as well as at the hotels required within the package.


A proud member of the prestigious National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World collection, Seal River Heritage Lodge is located 60 km and 30 minutes north of Churchill by plane.

An authentic wilderness lodge with all the comforts of home, Seal River Heritage Lodge is ideally situated on the shores of Hudson Bay near the Seal River estuary, where thousands of beluga whales gather every summer as polar bears walk the coastline.

Seal River Heritage Lodge maximizes ground-level polar bear and wildlife viewing and offers spectacular coastal views of Hudson Bay via nature trails, a lodge viewing tower, and expansive picture windows.

Whether you’re hiking, dining, or relaxing at Seal River, you will have a very good chance of observing polar bears and other wildlife at ground level.

Intimate, thrilling, up close and personal.




8 Days, 7 Nights

The package includes two nights in Winnipeg, five nights at Seal River Heritage Lodge, as well as round-trip airfare between Winnipeg, Churchill and the lodge.

Day 1 - Arrive in Winnipeg

Arrive in Winnipeg where you will enjoy a relaxing stay at our choice hotel, The Grand Winnipeg Airport Hotel by Lakeview. At 7:00 pm a dinner will be held at the hotel, where you will meet your group and your adventure specialist. You will need your rest for your early morning departure to Churchill.

Includes: dinner

Day 2 - Destination Churchill

You’ll arrive in Churchill by air and one of our expert staff will meet you at the airport to provide you with instructions regarding your morning transfers. Your adventure begins with a breathtaking aerial view of the winding Hudson Bay coast en route to your home for the next six days – Seal River Heritage Lodge. Be prepared to see pods of beluga whales and polar bears on your flight to the lodge. The Seal River Estuary is a summer favourite for these goliaths and they can sometimes be seen swimming or basking near the water’s edge.

Upon your arrival, your hosts will provide with a tour of the lodge and get you settled into your room. A thorough orientation on travel in polar bear country will be provided prior to any outings.

After a full-course lunch Churchill Wild-style, you will experience the Hudson Bay coast for the first time. Make sure your camera battery is charged. If you’re like previous Churchill Wild guests, you’ll be eager to document each and every moment in this extraordinary and rare ecosystem.

Your first day at the lodge will be rounded out by the first of many full-course meals followed by a cozy fireplace for the evening wind down. Relax, recharge and get a good rest because you have five amazing days to go!

Includes: breakfast lunch dinner

Days 3-6 - Walking Tours, Marine Tours and Activities

In the coming days, your breakfasts will be served at 8 a.m. and the first tour of the day will typically depart the lodge at 9:30 a.m. Depending on both weather and group interest, you will enjoy the following activities:

Marine Tours – Tides and weather permitting, we will do at least two expeditions by boat to view beluga whales, seabirds, and polar bears. Marine tours are conducted in large, nine-man inflatable boats, fully equipped with two way radios, safety gear and flotation jackets for each passenger, and a hydrophone so that that you can listen to the whale songs. Each expedition is a half day in order to coordinate with the high tides. Refreshments and snacks will be served on the boats. Expect to see a good number of whales per outing. Beluga whales are very curious and social and will investigate our presence with a bold courage expressed by few other creatures.

Trekking/Walking Tours – These are a daily part of our program and they range from short jaunts to photograph a polar bear or playful fox, to full day trips with a packed lunch. There is no better way to experience the sheer vastness of the Arctic’s flora and fauna. Nesting bird life, wild flowers and sik siks are just a few of the sights you may take in. When polar bears are sighted, your guide will advise you about the best way to maintain a safe viewing distance.

Coast by Tundra Tracker – See the Hudson Bay coast on our custom made Tundra Tracker. A day trip in one of these vehicles allows us to cover a lot of shoreline while searching out wildlife. Lunch is a picnic en route. We provide ample time for exploration and photography along the trail.

Wildlife Photography  – Your guides have many years of experience in the field both as photographers themselves and through working with professional photographers. They can assist you in many aspects of wildlife photography, including both the composition and the execution of that memorable shot of a lifetime.

Aurora Watching – Although the greatest light show on earth is more prominent in the fall, we do sometimes see the northern lights during the summer, especially in the latter part of our season. The northern skies are a perfect ballroom for the aurora borealis, but remember, this phenomena is best photographed with a tripod. If you have one, bring it along.

Bird Watching – Over 150 species of birds visit the Seal River area. Our expert guides can help you locate and identify a wide variety of our feathered friends and there’s a good chance you could add a few “lifers” to your book.

Photo Presentations and Lectures – From lectures on “Travelling in Bear Country” to “Wildlife of the Arctic,” our own northern adventurers will regale you with photos and stories. These conversations provide you with the opportunity to learn about the Arctic wildlife, the landscape, and its people.

Rest and Relaxation – Should you decide that curling up by the fireplace with a good book or enjoying a hot drink and sharing stories with your fellow adventurers is what you need, feel free to do that too!

Includes: breakfast lunch dinner

Day 7 - Farewell Churchill

After another hearty lodge breakfast, we will begin air transfers back to Churchill. Have your cameras ready for the return flight, as it affords excellent opportunities for great aerial shots. Today is your last day in the Churchill region.

Upon your return to Churchill, our representative will store your luggage. The balance of the day is then free for browsing the shops and exhibits of Churchill. Local places such as Cape Merry, the Port of Churchill, the Itsanitaq Museum, the Polar Bear Holding Compound (otherwise known as the Polar Bear Jail), as well as the Parks Canada exhibit, are all of great interest. Please refer to your “Top Things to Do and See” list we provided.

Your flight south to Winnipeg will take place this evening and we hope to see you back at one of our ecolodges for more polar bear viewing very soon! Upon arrival, collect your bags, head out of the arrivals doors and look to your right. THE GRAND Winnipeg Airport Hotel by Lakeview is only a two minute walk away.

Includes: breakfast lunch dinner

Day 8 - Homeward Bound!

After a restful sleep you will pack your bags in preparation for your flight home.

Gear Provided

The equipment we provide at the Lodge such as rain gear, rubber boots, winter gear (rental), and gear for use during marine excursions are designed to fit guests from child to adult.  Boot sizes larger than a men’s size 13 or a very small child are considered to be customized sizes that we do not provide. Additionally, guests over 6’4” may be required to bring their own gear as we may not have clothing sizes to fit.

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