Arnaud Picot, Executive Chef

Arnaud has been creating exceptional meals for our guests since 2017 and recently became our executive chef. He’s the ideal combination of temperament and talent, with Gordy Ramsay-esque results in the kitchen and a relaxed, easygoing approach.

Arnaud spent years tempting people’s palettes across Europe and Canada before finding his way to us. Inspired by his father, who was also a chef, he completed four years of culinary school. After graduating and working alongside his dad in France, Arnaud decided to focus on pastry. He began working in a pastry shop in the early 2000s creating delicate French desserts, mostly with choux pastry. Though his career started in France, he subsequently worked in England, Switzerland and then Canada where he became a pastry sous chef for Fairmont hotels.

In his free time, Arnaud loves to hop on the road and explore new places in North America where he can hike, cross country ski, or go on a canoe trip.

Initially drawn to Churchill Wild by the polar bears, he says it’s the whole atmosphere that keeps him coming back. “The open kitchen creates a feeling of hosting guests in the home. I’m able to converse with and watch them enjoy the food our chefs put on the table. It’s very unique and rewarding.” He likes being able to take family recipes from the Blueberries and Polar Bears cookbook series and put a little “Arnaud” in them.

Staff are inspired by his creations, guests are delighted by him, and even the polar bears can’t resist stopping by our dining room to look for the source of the heavenly smells emanating from it.